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Mushroom Grow Kits; What You Need to Know

Mushroom Grow Kits

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Do you love mushrooms? Do you want to start growing your own mushrooms? Here’s how to start down this new path. Growing mushrooms is not that difficult. With a grow kit, you can produce your own mushrooms quickly and easily.

A Mushroom Grow Kit – What is it?

A mushroom grow kit is a set of items used in the cultivation of mushrooms. Just as there are a lot of species of mushrooms, so there are also a variety of grow kits, and you purchase one based on the species of mushroom you wish to cultivate. From popular research, a lot of mushroom growers prefer cultivating five species, these are:-

All these species have special Grow kits created just for them. Most beginners in the field tend to try Oyster grow kits first because this species is the easiest to grow and this mushroom can survive in different conditions.

Oyster mushrooms
Oyster mushrooms

What is most important in a kit is its substrate. Substrates are materials that are injected with the spawn of the mushroom for it to grow on. The substrates are what determine what species of mushroom you would grow, and this is why you have to purchase a kit that has a suitable substrate. Many manufacturers place the substrate in a cultivating box and sell it to the public.

How to Use a Mushroom Grow kit

All the instructions on how to use your procured kit are provided by the manufacturer. Grow kits differ in the ways that they are used. In some cases, you would have to bore a hole into the box to provide oxygen for the mushroom and you would also need to keep the kit in a humid and moist room. Different species of mushrooms vary as to when they fruit – Oyster mushrooms are the fastest growing, which is another reason why a lot of people prefer this species.

Available Types of Kits

The grow kit you purchase is dependent on what species of mushroom you wish to cultivate. Since beginners are likely to be best off starting with Oyster mushrooms, we will examine Oyster Grow kits. Some examples of these are:-

  1. Back To The Roots Pink Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit

This kit comes with an injected substrate enclosed in a cultivation bag. What makes this kit so popular is its simplicity of use. Just bore a hole in the cultivation bag for the substrate to get oxygen, and then immerse it in water for some time so the substrate rehydrates, then keep it in a humid room, or under a humidifier. After seven days you should have started seeing the mushroom sprouts which keep multiplying in size every day. When it gets to a point where the mushrooms are no longer growing, then you can pick them.


  1. Root Mushroom Farm – Golden Oyster Mushroom-All in one Gourmet Mushroom Growing kit

Root Mushroom Farm sell this kit with a mushroom log, a humidity tent, a spray bottle and detailed instructions. The mushrooms will start to show in 7 days after spraying.


Mushrooms cultivated using a kit are said to taste better than any others. With the use of these kits, anyone can cultivate mushrooms with very little hassle.

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