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Mushroom of Immortality; all about Reishi

Mushroom Of Immortality - Reishi

Have you heard of Reishi mushrooms before? If not, you are definitely missing out. These nutrient-rich fungi are typically made into powder form. The powder is then used in dishes and drinks, with far more nutrients than ordinary mushrooms. Reishi (scientific name Ganoderma Lucidum) contain antioxidants and detoxifying substances amongst others. If you wish to know the medicinal reasons for trying the mushroom of immortality, read on.

It Fights Cancer

Reishi mushrooms have gained ground as tumor busters. When eaten, the mushroom compounds attach themselves to cancerous cells in the system and force them to die off. While this is not an officially accepted cancer treatment option, it is often suggested as an alternative and additional treatment option, along with conventional treatment, e.g medication. Furthermore, some studies suggest that these mushrooms can prevent or reduce the odds of developing cancer if taken on a regular basis.

The Mushroom Of Immortality Gets Rid of Liver Toxins

Reishi mushrooms are great detoxifying agents. Based on information from the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, Reishi may protect the liver from toxic substances. Reishi also appear to decrease the level of Hepatitis “B” in the livers of patients with the disease.

Reishi Balances Your Blood Sugar

Diabetes patients should be aware that Reishi can’t fully replace the action of insulin, however, it can help balance out blood glucose. This action is beneficial not only for diabetics but also for those affected by low or abnormally high sugar on a daily basis. You should keep in mind though that eating too much Reishi alongside your diabetes pills may actually make blood sugar drop to a very low level so make sure you control your consumption.

It’s A Mood Booster

Anti-Depression drugs may work to a certain degree, but they often come with unwanted side effects. Reishi mushrooms can be an alternative treatment option, as they are shown to decrease levels of depression, anxiety and pain in patients of neurasthenia. While there are not many studies suggesting Reishi’s effectiveness in tackling depression, the results in neurasthenia patients look very hopeful and worth considering.

Reishi Is Neuroprotective

Reishi can protect your brain and nervous system. It encourages the formation of new nerves in the brain and this can be beneficial in cases such as Alzheimer’s. The mushroom extract makes a great addition to your daily meals if your family has a history of developing Alzheimer’s or similar diseases.

It Helps Decrease Blood Pressure

Are you one of the many people affected by elevated blood pressure? If so, then Reishi mushrooms will help you keep your blood pressure under check. It helps boost cardiovascular activity and that ultimately leads to lower blood pressure. This is yet another reason for Reishi’s nickname of the mushroom of immortality.

It Helps With Sleep

Reishi won’t make you fall asleep in seconds, but they do help you to develop a better sleep cycle when they are ingested on a regular basis. Reishi tea and extract are among the most potent ways to make sure you are getting your Ideal dosage every day.

It Keeps Anxiety And Stress Under Control

Reishi mushrooms are good for reducing stress and anxiety. They are adaptogens, which means that they are able to help the body adapt to stress levels.


Reishi mushrooms, in all their forms, e.g dry, tea, extract, or powder, provide numerous health benefits.

They help tackle cancer, balance sleep cycles, control depression and anxiety and many other things. To reap some of these benefits, try to incorporate Reishi – the mushroom of immortality –  into your daily routine.

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David Moore

David Moore

A computer programmer for many years, I have an interest in mushrooms for culinary and health purposes. I feel that there are many people who might find that the inclusion of mushrooms as part of their diet would provide a boost to their well-being.

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